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How much does QueryPal cost?

QueryPal: Tailored Pricing for Teams of All Sizes

At QueryPal, we understand that teams have different needs and budgets when it comes to streamlining their knowledge management and boosting productivity. That's why we've designed our pricing tiers to accommodate organizations of all sizes, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our AI-powered chatbot that automatically answers repetitive questions.

For small teams with under 50 people in their workspace, QueryPal is completely free. We believe that every team, regardless of size, should have access to tools that help them work smarter, not harder. With our free tier, you can enjoy the core features of QueryPal, including seamless integration with your existing communication channels, advanced language understanding, and the ability to draw answers from your chat history and uploaded files. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of answering the same questions and hello to a more productive, focused team.

As your team grows and your needs expand, QueryPal grows with you. For teams under 50 workspace users who require additional integrations and advanced features, our $199/month plan is the perfect fit. With this tier, you can connect QueryPal to even more of your favorite tools and platforms — such as Google Drive, Notion, Confluence, and Sharepoint/OneDrive — ensuring that all your team's knowledge is easily accessible from one central hub. 

For larger organizations over 50 people, we offer customized Enterprise pricing tailored to your specific needs. We understand that large-scale implementation requires a more hands-on approach, which is why our Enterprise tier includes a dedicated success manager, personalized onboarding and training, and the ability to integrate with your organization's unique systems and workflows. With QueryPal Enterprise, you can break down information silos across departments, foster cross-functional collaboration, and unlock the full potential of your organization's collective knowledge.

At QueryPal, we're committed to providing a solution that delivers value to teams of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup looking to maximize efficiency or a large enterprise aiming to transform the way your teams access and share knowledge, QueryPal has a pricing tier designed to fit your needs and budget. Join the organizations already using QueryPal to revolutionize their knowledge management and take your team's productivity to new heights.