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How to add integrations/knowledge bases

  • After setting up your bot, enhance its knowledge base by integrating various sources. For instructions on creating a bot, go to this article)

Adding Integrations

You can go to the admin page ( and add an integration to QueryPal and transform your scattered information sources into a searchable source of collective company knowledge and expertise.

Integrations we currently support: Slack, Notion, Confluence, MS Teams, ServiceNow, JIRA, StackOverflow for Teams, Github, OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive.



Adding an integration is straightforward. Simply click to connect your account, and then specify the pages or spaces you want to include in QueryPal's knowledge base.

All set!

Once everything you need has been added, you can ask questions and get relevant answers from multiple integrations.


Access Control

Concerned about information leakage? Rest assured, QueryPal has got you covered with robust access control measures. When you integrate specific pages or spaces, users without the necessary permissions won't be able to access or query that information through QueryPal. Your sensitive data remains secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.