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How to Install QueryPal to your own Workspace

Getting started with QueryPal

Welcome to QueryPal, your new AI-powered assistant designed to reduce the burden of repetitive inquiries, ensuring your team can focus on what truly matters. With its advanced data querying and management capabilities, QueryPal offers a seamless, efficient solution to enhance your team's productivity and workflow.


Reduce Repetitive Tasks:

Say goodbye to answering the same questions over and over. QueryPal handles common queries effortlessly.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Spend less time searching for information and more on critical tasks, boosting overall team performance

Seamless Integration:

Easily integrates with your existing Slack workspace, offering a user-friendly experience without the need for extensive training.

Explore how QueryPal operates and follow the setup process below.

Account creation

1. Create account through the homepage: Directly add QueryPal to your workspace through the "Add to Slack" button on


Create an account:

Simply login using your preferred method: Slack, Microsoft, or Google.


Configuring QueryPal for admins

  1. Navigate to your 1v1 DMs with the QueryPal Slackbot


2. Select Slack Channel



3. Test the questions generated based on your Slack conversations


4. Bot Customization:

For advanced bot customization or workspace setting configuration, visit the dashboard. Advanced features include customizing the bot tone, admin settings, and knowledge base adjustments.


Need a extra hand? Feel free to book a time with a product expert to get onboarding quickly.