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Why isn't QueryPal working?

Debug some common situations quickly.

If QueryPal isn't working how you expect, take a look at the table below and see if your symptom is listed. We'll explain what the underlying reason is and how to fix it. And of course, feel free to email at anytime. 

I pasted my website or Google doc right into my question for QueryPal, but it didn't work.

QueryPal doesn't process links (or files) in questions directly; you have to register those links as integration sources. If you have a link to a website that should be a source for a bot, go to the admin integrations page for websites and add the website in the form. On the other hand, if you have a file (such as a PDF) that should be a source for a bot, go to the admin integrations page for uploaded files and upload it.

Once the website and/or files are uploaded and indexed, you can ask questions against them right away in DMs with the QueryPal app. But if you want to make them available in a channel, follow the instructions here for enabling integrations for a given bot.

QueryPal isn't responding to questions in my channel.

If QueryPal isn't answering questions at all, follow these steps:

1. Make sure QueryPal is actually in the channel. You can see this by trying to mention @QueryPal in the channel — Slack will show you the status of QueryPal.

2. Make sure a bot has been created in that channel. You can see how to do that here.

3. Make sure you have the right integrations set up to handle those questions. You can see how to do so here.

QueryPal is giving me a generic answer ("This answer did not incorporate information provided by your company").

QueryPal will sometimes fall back to generic answers based on external knowledge if we can't find anything inside your knowledge base. When this happens, you'll see an informational banner on the response which says: "This answer did not incorporate information provided by your company".

This might happen because:

  • You've only indexed a Slack channel as a source for that bot — and that channel doesn't have any matches for that question.
  • You've integrated much more than Slack, but there are still no matches for that question.

First, check the bot configuration for that bot at Make sure to check both the "Where Bot Posts" and "Integrations" sections to make sure the answering channel and the source integration you expect are there.

Finally, check the integration itself to make sure that the scoping on the integration includes the answer you expect. For example, Notion might be integrated, but perhaps only workspaces that don't include the target document. If all else fails, you can re-add the integration in question with correct scoping, and then make sure to add that as a 'Integration' source for the specific bot. 

If you want to check all of your integration sources easily, you can also DM your questions to the bot by going to the QueryPal application under the 'Apps' left hand section of Slack. Your DMs will be answered from all integrations that have been set up, whether or not they are part of a channel-specific bot.

QueryPal is giving me an answer, but didn't search the channel or integration I expected.

This is often an integration configuration issue. Follow the same debugging steps as 'QueryPal is giving me a generic answer' above. 

I can't find the original installation messages.

In your Slack workspace, find 'QueryPal' under the left hand menu section for Apps. If you click on it, and scroll to the top, you should see the first installation messages. These will also work for adding new channels, even if you've already gone through the wizard before.